A fundamental understanding of the excavation standards while meeting State and Federal training requirements. Course may include hands-on instruction for protective systems. Participants receive a student workbook. Customers receive class rosters and course evaluations. 

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Be familiar with regulations.
  • Understand Competent Person duries.
  • Identify existing and predictable hazardous conditions.
  • Be familiar with various protective systems.
  • Be familiar with soil analysis and classification system.
  • Follow a decision-making process for selecting protective systems.
  • Understand tabulated data and tables for shoring systems.

RECOMMENDED TO ATTEND: Those who oversee or participate in excavations. 

DURATION: 8-16 hours 


AVAILABILITY: North America, Global upon request 

LOCATION: At customer site/facility.

PRICE: Available upon request

"very well done...instructor made it interesting"
US Borax, CA

"great presentation...instructor highly trained"
Shell, Rocky Mountain, WY

"difficult regs presented in understandable way"
Syar Industries, CA

"great class...very useful book and materials"
Los Angeles County Public Works, CA

"excellent class...effective use of visual aids"
City of Olympia, WA

"good information and to the point...I feel competent to make appropriate decisions"
KS Industries, WY

"well presented...good will be handy"
Koch Pipeline, LP, OK

"good class...knowledgeable instructor"
City of Norman, OK

Excavation Competent Person Training

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