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NOTE: Delivered at customers location, unless otherwise indicated.


OSHA: SignalPerson Factsheet .PDF  |   Rigger Factsheet .PDF

Location: On-site (at customer's location)

Course Description:
Rigging and Signal Person Certification training meets the mandatory requirements of both State and OSHA 29 CFR 1926.1400, which states that all "Signalpersons" and "Riggers" shall be 'qualified'. This comprehensive program covers operational and pre-operational procedures for rigging and signaling while meeting NCCCO criteria for both Rigger 1 and Rigger 2.

A Bianchi Instructor will visit your location to provide employee training and testing. Program content can be adjusted to meet particular issues or concerns, and the instructor will personally assist individuals with sticking points. Hoisting equipment and hardware must be available for hands-on training and testing.

Customers receive class rosters and course evaluations. Participants receive a wallet card 'certificate of completion' valid for 3-years and a copy of our proprietary RIGGER / SIGNALER TRAINING BOOK.

Rigger Topics Include:
  • Rigger responsibilities
  • Safety standards and regulations
  • Rigging - inspect, select & maintain.
  • Uses of various rigging devices.
  • Situational awareness
  • Sling construction and characteristics.
  • Rigging selection and application.
  • Rigging hitches & connections
  • Load weight calculations.
  • Load ratings & safety factors.
  • Technical knowledge.
  • Sling rated capacities.
  • Sling angle stress.
  • Determine center of gravity.
  • Effects of dynamic loading.
  • Load control.
  • Basic knots
Signaler Topics Include:
  • Signal person responsibilities.
  • Types of signals used.
  • Pre-lift job-site meetings.
  • Standard OSHA/ASME method of hand signals.
  • Equipment operations and limitations.
  • Effects of dynamic loads, hoisting, swinging and boom deflection.
  • State and OHSA requirements.
Prerequisites: None

Recommended Personnel to Attend: Those who supervise, inspect or participate in rigging or hoisting operations while using cranes, heavy equipment, boom lifts, truck cranes, shop hoists or other hoisting equipment.

Duration: 1-Day (sm groups), 2-Days (lg groups)

Maximum Class Size: 12

Availability: North America, Global upon request.

Pricing: Available upon request.

"very informative...the book with tables will be a helpful resource...great instruction"
Hermiston Generating Plant, OR

"a real eye-opener...great course...useful materials...100% helpful...learned calculations"
City of Richmond, VA

"well presented...useful information...will change how we do things...good job"
Washington State Department of Transportation

"excellent course...good information...this will save someone's life"
Purdue Farms, Inc., MD, VA

"great course...very informative...good job"
Whatcom County Public Works, WA

"informative...well presented...excellent practical information...manual has lots of info"
City of Puyallup, WA

OSHA Qualified Rigger & Signalperson Training

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